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MRK Aviation specializes in the repair and maintenance of all light single/twin aircraft piston, light sport, single/twin turbine jet, and rotor craft. Our experienced maintenance staff brings with it 35 plus years of experience, along with factory training. We try to work within your time schedule and every effort is made to stick to that schedule.

Our fully qualified A&P maintenance staff has received specialty factory training for Cirrus Aircraft, Schweizer rotorcraft as well as Learjet.


Fuel discounts are also extended to customers who have their annuals performed at MRK.

Maintenance Services

Some of the maintenance services that MRK Aviation can provide, but not limited to:

  • Engine Repairs

  • Tire and Wheel Servicing

  • Aircraft Structure

  • Heater Decay Test

  • Propellers

  • Aircraft Weighing

  • Annual Inspections

  • Major & Minor Repairs & Alterations

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Airworthiness

  • Directive Research

  • Oil & Filter Changes

  • Maintenance Consulting

  • Instrument Replacements

  • Aircraft Cleaning

  • Landing Gear

  • Aviation Oxygen Services

  • 100 Hour Inspections

If you are interested in having your aircraft inspected for an annual or 100 hour inspection, MRK Aviation flat rates all inspections. In addition to the flat rate fee for your aircraft, costs not included would be for parts, repairs and extensive AD research.

Cirrus Service Center

MRK Aviation is a proud authorized Cirrus Service Center.

Owning a Cirrus Aircraft is a great honor in itself. Having your aircraft cared for and well maintained is a must when it comes to these pristine machines.

Aviation is a passion for us here at MRK Aviation. We are very proud to announce that we are now a Full Cirrus Service Center. Our factory trained professionals are excited to add this to the 35 plus years of elite experience in aviation maintenance.

MRK Aviation is more than just maintenance. If you are looking for a great home base for your aircraft with line service and year round flying, look no further. We offer special rates to our based customers and fuel discounts to anyone who has their annuals and maintenance performed by our professionals.

Annuals, preventive maintenance, warranty work, composite repair and paint are some of the many services we provide here at MRK Aviation.

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