At KLPR, You Are Welcome

MRK Aviation is the fixed based operator at Lorain County Airport. We have been on site since 2003 and have been managing the airport facilities since 2006 for the Lorain County Regional Airport, which is a department of the Board of Commissioners.  Our staff is dedicated to accommodating all of your aircraft needs while on the ground. MRK Aviation aims to give you an extraordinary experience every time.

Our business hours are:

Monday – Friday 0700 – 2300

Saturday – Sunday 0700 – 2200

LINE SERVICE IS AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY! After hours call out fees may apply.

Based and visiting aircraft will be able to take advantage of our full service line crew.
-Fuel 100-LL and Jet-A (with or without additive)
-Lav Service
-GPU start
-Aircraft Detailing
-Freight Handling
-Catering (24 hours notice required)
-Overnight Parking both tie down and hangar (Please call ahead for hangar)

Coffee and vending are available to you upon entering our lobby.

Pilots have access to a crew car to get a meal or drop passengers off at their destination. MRK Aviation also provides a pilots lounge that can be used to access the internet, watch television or get rest while you wait on your passengers to return.