Off Site Contract Fuel

MRK Aviation is able to offer assistance with your off site contract fuel through Jet Fuel Strategies.


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Jet Fuel Strategies is a program designed to empower the corporate aircraft operator with tools to realize the best value from every dollar. Whether you have a fleet of ‘heavy iron’ jets, or a KingAir-90, we can help. Negotiating retail isn’t enough. Having a few discount fuel contracts isn’t enough. The JFS program offers numerous easy-to-use tools, and gives you the power to create a cost-savings Jet Fuel Strategy of your own. Jet Fuel Strategies is also able to provide more than just fuel savings, we can negotiate handling fees and alleviate your schedulers from having to decide which FBO is the best for your needs. Let us show you how to simplify buying fuel and get the best rates possible for your handling needs.

Please check out or contact us at 1-877-958-8600 or 440-323-4220.